Business sale

We specialise in advising on the sale of financial services businesses. We run highly bespoke processes to enable our clients to maximise value for their business and to maintain confidentiality.

Our advice is based on our extensive track record, experience and knowledge leadership that is enabled through IMAS-insight, our unique technology which gives us an unmatched knowledge of the buyer universe.

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Given the importance of the UK to the global financial services market, overseas acquirers represent the largest buyer group. Our knowledge of overseas companies invested in UK financial services, the most active category, is unparalleled.

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Management buy-outs

For companies looking to raise equity finance to accelerate growth or to put in place a management buy-out (MBO), we can advise on a process focusing on those specific private equity houses that have the appropriate appetite, expertise and funding capability.

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Exit planning

We work with clients in advance of a sale to advise on optimal timing for a process and to ensure that the business is fully prepared.

A deep understanding of each sector across the UK financial services market allows us to highlight key attributes that enhance value and to draw attention to potential issues that need careful management ahead of launching a process.

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Strategic acquisition advice

Having analysed and compiled a map of the entire UK financial services industry, we are able to assist companies in formulating and executing their acquisition strategies having identified those businesses that most closely fit their criteria.

Our capabilities are of particular relevance to those companies seeking to enter the UK market for the first time or looking to move into an adjacent market.

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