There are many reasons why an employer might offer a settlement agreement. In other words, they are most used in the following circumstances: use our free compromise calculator to give an idea of what you should receive. Short-term sick leave can help your case, as your employer`s behavior may make you sick and, frankly, you may still be paid for being sick. These circumstances would increase the amount calculated for your transaction agreement. However, long-term sick leave would be detrimental. This makes your case harder to fight because, first, you`re probably not getting paid anyway (so why start paying yourself now) and second, they might argue that you`re not able to work. Ask yourself if, given financial and non-financial considerations, the financial agreement is good enough to flood you until you get another job, especially if you get outplacement help and reasonable work maintenance as part of the settlement agreement. It is important to obtain independent legal advice as part of a settlement agreement to ensure that your rights are properly protected. In some circumstances, your employer may pay for you; If not, it`s an expense you need to consider. It may be possible to negotiate it within the framework of the agreement. Cavendish Employment Law verifies the terms of the settlement agreement on the amount of the employer`s contribution to the costs, so you won`t have to pay any fees. If negotiations are necessary, they can either be included in this fee or carried out for an agreed additional fee or on a no-win-non-fee basis.

Our calculator uses the information you provide about your individual employment relationship and your dispute/legal case to calculate your estimated payment for a transaction agreement, including: Do you need help calculating a transaction agreement in a UK transaction agreement? The commission is, however, another thing – we have allocated a larger part of your commission, since the commission is normally contractual.