The administrators of the Covenant are empowered to develop uniform rules to facilitate and coordinate the implementation of the Covenant. Those uniform rules shall be adopted by the Contracting Parties under the power established pursuant to Article VI(d). (12) Designation of committees, including advisory committees, composed of administrators, State care supervisory authorities, State legislators or their representatives, as well as consumer representatives and other interested persons. Any nurse who wishes to become certified as an Advanced Practice Nurse must contact the Ministry and prove that she has a current professional nursing licence or that she has an active multi-stage licence to practice professional nursing in accordance with section 464.0095, FS. (4) Borrow, accept or order services from personnel, including employees of a State Party or non-profit organizations. (f) Personal data obtained from the Coordinated Licensing Information System by an approval committee of a State Party shall not be disclosed to third countries or disclosed to other entities or persons, unless the laws of the State Party providing them. (6) Reduction of dismissals during the examination and licensing of nurses. (3) The increased mobility of nurses and the use of advanced communication technologies within our country`s health care system require increased coordination and cooperation among states in the areas of nursing licensing and regulation. (e) A nurse practising in a State party shall comply with the laws of practice of the State in which the client is present at the time the service is provided […].